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Attended the National Seminar On Distributed Computing & Networking

It was 12th of September one of my best day when i got the opertunity to attend national seminar on Distributed Computing & Networking. I wrote best day, as i was so lucky to meet and hear Mr. Ankit Fadia Inaternational Computer Security Consultant and One of Indias fine Ethical Hacker. I will write about what he said later in detail. I was fine morning and it was organised at Navin Bhavan, Mall Avenue, Lucknow, By Lal Bahudar Institute of Management and Development Studies. And was sponcered by AICTE. Main attration of the seminar was of course Ankit, but other intellectuals who spoke where, Mr. Jayant krishna, Reginal Head TCS Lucknow, Prof. Bharat Bhasker, IIM Lucknow, Prof. H.M. Srivastava, E. Director, KNIT Sultanpur, Dr. D.S. Yadav Asst. Professor. Department of Compuer Sciences and Engineering IET Lucknow, Mr. Raqib Hussain Vice President esoft Technology Lucknow, & Dr. Arvind Chaturvedi Dy. S.P. STF Lucknow. Then we had Paper Presentations, I had written paper on “Wi-Fi Computing” so had to speak. I think i can speek well infornt of everyone, but was so so nervous on the stage i stumble few times. I was feeling so bad afterwords. Anyways at least i dared to speak there and I am always learning. Overall it was great day and Lots and Lots to learn.


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  1. ur’s matter is quite nice.
    we r wating 4 ur next prsntason.


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