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Protect your Pen Drive from Virus!, Write Protect Your USB Flash Drive

USB Write Protector

The main cause of viruses these days are USB flash drives. Viruses are now capabale enough to copy itself to whatever flash drive is attached into the infected computer’s USB drive. You can write protecyour USB drive by using this small portable tool.

USB WriteProtector is a portable freewarethat lets you lock your flash drives for write protection so that viruses or other unwanted things don’t get copied to your flash drive themselves.

After you enable write protection, you will not be able to write or delete any files from your flash drive and your data remains safe from being misused by viruses.


This 186 KB is compatible with Windows XP and Vista, and supports nice languages: English, Hungarian, Italy, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Spanish.


Download USB WriteProtector


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