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Free rice … such a noble attempt

www.freerice.comFew days ago while visiting Firefox’s 500 million download celebration site i came across FreeRice, a very noble thought with a easy concept.

On the website, they show you 4 possible matches for an English word, and you have to choose the correct one. So the benefit is you increase your vocabulary for free, play it for as much time you wish.

And for each correct answer you give, they will donate 20 grains of rice to United Nations World Food Program, to be distributed in poor countries.

Now this no-profit certainly shows the power of the web, with simplicity.

Go there and play this word game to increase your word-power instead of wasting time orkuting and sending forward mails.

note: i have also added their banner to my sidebar,if you can please link back to them.


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  1. so you actually think they are going to give rice to poor people just because you log in and play their rice games? my co-worker told me about it and i find it quite unreal and deceiving. do they actually show sales receipts or records of grains bought and distributed to countries?


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