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Best browser: Firefox, but not without extentions, My selected Extentions 4 u

Resently Firefox 3 has arrived, and here are the addon’s which i use to spice up my firefox.

From my side all are must download.

Firefox Add-onsFirefox Add-ons

The extension for Firefox allows you to easily bookmark webpages in, from within the Firefox browser. It integrates with the Firefox toolbar and provides extra options such as right-click menu and highlight text to add notes.

StumbleUpon : StumbleUpon discovers web sites based on your interests, learns what you like and brings you more.

Browster is a very cool add-on that enhances your browsing experience – for example mousing over a link gives you a preview of the website. It enables you to speed up your browsing experience and can save a lot of clicks in the long run. It does this by automatically pre-fetching links. It’s a free add-on for both IE and Firefox – and hopes to make a profit by putting ads in the pop-up previews.

FoxyTunes: “FoxyTunes is a Firefox add-on that allows you to control your favorite media player without ever leaving the browser.” In other words, you don’t have to have various media players up clogging your memory.

GMail Manager: For GMail users – “a Firefox extension that allows you to manage multiple gmail accounts and receive new mail notifications.”

Yahoo Mail : “Preview your messages with a single click….Send back messages with a single click using Instant Reply.

PicLens : Full-Screen, 3D — PicLens transforms your browser into a visually stunning experience for finding and viewing online photos and videos. Our “3D Wall” lets you effortlessly search and zoom your way around thousands of images, videos, news feeds, sports feeds, and more. See our demo at

Video DownloadHelper – The easy way to download Web videos from hundreds of YouTube-like sites, audio and picture galleries.

FireFTP : FireFTP is a free, secure, cross-platform FTP client for Mozilla Firefox which provides easy and intuitive access to FTP servers.

Deepest Sender :Deepest Sender is a client that will allow you to post to blogs from directly within Firefox. It is primarily a LiveJournal client, although it supports Blogger (GData) and WordPress (metaWeblog) too.


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